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Our range of programs is designed with a singular focus: to support families, raise awareness about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and ensure every baby has a safe start in life. Through education, direct support, and community engagement, we aim to make a significant impact. Explore our programs and discover how you can contribute or benefit from them.

programs to support families, raise awareness about SIDS-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
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In partnership with Owlet Care, we provide Owlet Dream Socks to families in need. This innovative device monitors a baby's heart rate & oxygen levels in real time, offering parents peace of mind. Our unique donation model allows us to support families directly and through community contributions.

Owlet Dream Sock Initiative
"Every Baby Deserves a Safe Sleep"
dream sock
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BBKids encourages children to engage in community service and philanthropy from a young age. By participating in various projects and events, children learn the value of giving back, develop essential life skills, and gain a deeper understanding of their ability to make a positive impact.

"Inspiring the Next Generation of Givers"
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BB Crashers

Modeled after Owlet's Shower Crashers, our BB Crashers program selects deserving families for surprise donations of baby essentials. From overcoming infertility to facing financial hardships, we step in to provide a brighter start for families and their new additions.

"Surprising Families with Joy and Support"
bb crashers
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Nursery of Hope
"Remembering the Little Ones We've Lost"

The Nursery of Hope offers a space for families to honor and remember infants who have passed away. Through various memorials and annual events, we provide a community of support for grieving families, keeping the memory of their little ones alive.

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In our mission to ensure the safety and well-being of infants everywhere, Briggs & Barrett Project partners with hospitals, businesses, and childcare facilities. Through these collaborations, we aim to educate families on safe sleep practices and provide them with essential resources. Our partnerships are instrumental in distributing the Owlet Dream Sock and a wealth of educational materials to new and expecting parents, dedicated to a community-wide commitment to infant safety.

Program Partners
"Collaborating for Safer Infants"
program partners hospital partnerships baby safe sleep
Meyer's SIDS Retreat

Meyer's SIDS Retreat offers families who have experienced the loss of a child to SIDS a place to find comfort, support, and understanding. Through retreats and supportive resources, we aim to provide a healing space for grieving families.

"A Space for Healing and Connection"
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Join Us

in Making a Difference

Each of our programs is a step towards our goal of ensuring every baby sleeps safely and every family facing the tragedy of SIDS finds support. Whether through direct aid, community engagement, or educational outreach, we're committed to making a difference.

Explore our programs to learn more about our work and how you can get involved!

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