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Dream Sock Initiative

"Ensuring Every Baby Sleeps Safely"

At Briggs & Barrett Project, we recognize the paramount importance of infant safety and peace of mind for parents. Through our Owlet Dream Sock Initiative, we partner with Owlet Care to provide families in need with innovative technology designed to monitor their baby's well-being. This initiative embodies our commitment to preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by promoting safe sleep practices and equipping families with the tools they need to ensure their infant's safety.

with Owlet Care

Our Partnership

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We are proud to collaborate with Owlet Care, a leader in infant health technology. The Owlet Dream Sock® is an advanced baby monitor that tracks vital signs like heart rate and oxygen levels, as well as sleep trends. It provides real-time insights into your baby's well-being, offering an extra layer of reassurance to parents.

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By donating $299, you not only receive an Owlet Dream Sock® for a baby in your life but also enable us to donate two Dream Socks to families in need. Your contribution directly supports our mission and expands our impact.

Donate to Receive


We understand that not all families can afford the cost of an Owlet Dream Sock®. If you are facing financial difficulties, we encourage you to apply for a donation through our initiative. Please share your story with us and why receiving a Dream Sock is important for your family.

Apply to Receive


How the Initiative Works

Our initiative is built on a model of support and generosity, enabling us to extend our reach to as many families as possible.

Eligibility and Application Guidelines

Donate to Receive
Apply to Receive

To ensure our donations reach those most in need, we ask applicants to meet the following criteria (please note, non-adherence to these guidelines will result in immediate voiding of the application):

  • Must be a parent or guardian of the infant to apply.

  • Must live in the U.S.

  • Financial inability to purchase a Dream Sock on your own.

  • Have not received an Owlet donation previously.

  • Currently pregnant with a due date within the next 3 months or your baby is 4 months old or younger.


IMPORTANT: We will reply to the email provided within 4-5 weeks of application submission. This email will either state whether or not you will be receiving a Dream Sock. Please do not contact us prior to this, as we will not respond to "Application Status" Emails.


The Ultimate Baby

For those looking to make a substantial contribution to our cause while also receiving something truly special in return, we're excited to offer the Ultimate Baby Package. This meticulously curated package goes beyond the essentials, providing not only the cutting-edge Owlet Dream Sock Duo but also a handpicked selection of baby necessities and delights, perfect for welcoming a new member to your family or gifting at baby showers.

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What's Inside?

  • Includes Owlet Dream Sock® Duo (retail value of $399)

  • Engaging baby books for bedtime stories and early learning

  • Soft, cozy clothing for daily comfort

  • A supply of diapers and wipes for practical care

  • A coffee mug for those mornings that come too early

  • High-quality baby bottles for feeding ease

  • Gentle baby lotion and diaper cream for tender skin care

  • Soothing pacifiers for peaceful moments

Centered around the Owlet Dream Sock® Duo—combining the life-enhancing Dream Sock® with a camera for comprehensive monitoring—this package offers more than peace of mind. It's packed with additional treasures that any new parent would appreciate, valued at over $700, yet available for a generous donation of $399. Each package may include the following:

ultimate baby package


Baby Package

*Items subject to change without notice, value remains the same.

Did you know

With each Ultimate Baby Package selected, you enable us to gift two Owlet Dream Sock® Duos to families in our community who need them most, amplifying the impact of your support. This initiative not only offers immediate benefits to recipients but also contributes to our broader mission of ensuring infant safety and promoting peace of mind for parents.



While the Owlet Dream Sock® is a powerful tool for monitoring your baby's well-being, it is essential to remember that it is an addition to, not a replacement for, safe sleep practices. Always follow the recommended guidelines for safe sleep to ensure the best protection for your baby.

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Join Us

in Making a Difference

Through the Owlet Dream Sock® Initiative, Briggs & Barrett Project is dedicated to offering a helping hand to families, ensuring the safety and well-being of their little ones. By participating in our initiative—whether through donations, applications, or spreading the word—you are contributing to a larger movement aimed at preventing SIDS and providing peace of mind to parents and guardians across our community.


Together, we can make a significant impact, one baby at a time.

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