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nursery of hope

Honoring Memories, Cultivating Healing

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"Creating Spaces of Remembrance for Our Littlest Angels"

The Nursery of Hope, a tender initiative by Briggs & Barrett Project, offers families a way to celebrate and remember infants who are no longer with us. Understanding the depth of loss that comes with the passing of a child, this program seeks to provide comfort, healing, and a means to honor their brief yet significant lives.

lost but never forgotten

of Nursery of Hope

The Vision

Nursery of Hope embodies our commitment to supporting families through all aspects of their journey, including the profound grief that accompanies the loss of an infant. It's a sanctuary for parents and families to find solace, remember, and celebrate the lives of their children in meaningful ways.

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Ways to Memorialize

Participate in a Memorial Project: Choose a memorial option that resonates with you, and let us help you make it a reality. Each project is a step towards healing, not only for grieving families but for our community as a whole.

As a living tribute to your child, we collaborate with the city to plant trees in local parks throughout Norfolk, NE. This program creates a lasting memorial that grows and flourishes, symbolizing the ongoing impact of your child's memory within our community.

Plant a Tree


For those who live beyond Norfolk, we offer to mail a FREE tree seedling to you, allowing you to plant a memorial tree in your own space, wherever you call home.

Tree Seedling Mailing


Contribute to the creation of a lasting memorial with a personalized brick at our new garden location. Each brick represents a child's memory, piecing together a mosaic of love and remembrance.

*Memorial bricks will be installed at our NEW Briggs & Barrett Garden, expecting to break ground summer of 2025.

Memorial Brick


Explore additional memorial options, including park benches and flower planters, each offering a unique way to honor your child's memory in the community.

Other Memorials


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Know someone who has experienced a recent loss? Please let us know as we would like to provide comfort for the family during this time.

Grief Support Box


Nursery of Hope Sponsors

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Join us each year for our Wave of Light event, part of a global movement to remember all the babies who have died too soon. This gathering provides a chance for bereaved parents, families, and friends to come together, light candles, and support one another in shared loss and love.

wave of light



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Nursery of Hope

Join our private Facebook group to connect with other Nursery of Hope families. It's a powerful way to remember your child and find solidarity with others who understand your journey.

of support

A Community

Nursery of Hope is not just about memorials; it's about building a community of understanding and support. Through this program, families can connect with others who have experienced similar losses, share their stories, and find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

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Contact Us

for more information

For more information on how to get involved with Nursery of Hope, or to explore memorial options, or to participate in our Wave of Light event, please reach out to us. Your child's memory is precious, and through Nursery of Hope, we aim to honor them in ways that bring peace and healing.

Together, we can create a lasting legacy for our children, ensuring their memories live on in our hearts and in our community.

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