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A Sanctuary of Healing and Connection

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"Fostering Community and Support for Families Touched by SIDS"

Meyer's SIDS Retreat, an extension of the compassionate outreach from Briggs & Barrett Project, is dedicated to parents and families who have experienced the profound loss of an infant to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Named in loving memory of Meyer, a cherished child whose life was cut short by SIDS, this retreat serves as a beacon of hope, offering a safe haven for healing, sharing, and remembering.

of Meyer's SIDS Retreat

The Purpose

Understanding the isolating grief that can accompany the loss of a child to SIDS, Meyer's Retreat is designed to bring together families who share this unique sorrow. It's a place where stories and memories can be shared openly, where silence speaks volumes, and where the beauty of nature and community provides solace and strength.

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Nellie Urban's Story

The Why

nellie urban
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My name is Nellie Urban, mother to my angel Meyer David Urban that passed away October 15th, 2018 from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  I am the coordinator of Meyer's Retreat that I started in honor of  my son Meyer.

Meyer’s Retreat will be held annually in Nebraska where we bring in around 10-12 mothers across the state of Nebraska that have lost their baby to SIDS.  This retreat brings in all ages, nationalities, and different stages in life and grief these mothers are in after the passing of their baby.  We bring them together for 2 nights to talk through their stories of their loss, their grief, and struggles in life after their loss, and to help heal their broken hearts.  We hope they leave with a sense of peace and knowing they are not alone.

Meyer’s name means ‘Bringer of Light’ in Hebrew and we hope that you will join our mission to bringing light into these families by helping sponsor this retreat.  A generous donation would help in our mission to providing this healing atmosphere. Any donation is greatly appreciated  to help fund this annually.  Donations can be made below to the right by clicking 'Support Us'.  Please note in the comment 'Meyer's Retreat'. All donations with your approval, will be listed & recognized below closer to the event and listed for a year.

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Meyer's SIDS Retreat Women Family Support
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Healing in Nature

Set in serene surroundings, Meyer's Retreat encourages reflection and connection with nature as a form of healing. Activities are designed to nurture the soul and offer peaceful moments of remembrance.

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Community Support Sessions

Group sessions and activities provide a supportive space to share experiences and coping strategies, fostering a sense of community among families who understand the journey of loss.

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Memorial Ceremonies

Special ceremonies allow families to honor and remember their little ones in meaningful ways, creating lasting tributes that celebrate their lives, no matter how brief.

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Resources & Guidance

Access to resources for grief support and coping mechanisms, including sessions with counselors specializing in infant loss, offers practical help and hope on the path to healing.

Retreat Features & Activities

Meyer's Retreat welcomes all families affected by SIDS, providing a compassionate environment to find support, understanding, and a path toward healing. 


Attending Meyer's Retreat allowed me to simply breathe and grieve, and to do it alongside other mommas who share that grief. The weekend was so well planned out that we were able to jun be in each moment. New friendships were formed and connections made. It was such an honor to be in attendance at the retreat.

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Jessica Rogat

Mommy to Angel Max

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An Invitation to

remember & heal

Meyer's SIDS Retreat is more than a physical space; it's a heartfelt invitation to come together in memory of our angels. It's a place where grief can be shared, where healing begins, and where the memories of our children inspire us to support one another in our journey toward hope.

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Attend the Event

Each event has a limited availability to attend the retreat. Our goal is to get all Nebraska SID Mothers to this retreat at least once in the years to come. Please email Nellie if you would like to attend a future event.

*Please note, our 2024 event is full.

Meyer's Retreat

Begin Healing at

Your involvement in Meyer's Retreat—whether as a participant, volunteer, or supporter—helps ensure that no family navigates their grief alone. Together, in the spirit of love and remembrance, we can create a circle of support that honors our children and fosters healing for all who mourn their loss.

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Contact Us

for more information

Whether you're seeking solace in the aftermath of loss or looking to connect with families who understand your pain, Meyer's SIDS Retreat offers a sanctuary for healing and hope.


If you have questions or would like more information on how to participate, upcoming retreat dates, or to contribute to this vital program, please reach out to Nellie via email at

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