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program partners

Collaborating for Infant Safety and Family Support

"Uniting with Partners to Enhance Our Impact"

Briggs & Barrett Project believes in the power of collaboration to extend our reach and deepen our impact. Through our Program Partners initiative, we join forces with hospitals, businesses, and childcare facilities, leveraging these partnerships to promote safe sleep practices, support families, and honor the memory of infants lost too soon.

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Educating Families from the Start

Our partnership with hospitals is pivotal in educating families about SIDS and safe sleep practices from day one. Each hospital partner provides each newborn and their family with vital resources, including the Briggs & Barrett Swaddle and a copy of "When Baby Sleeps," to encourage safe sleep practices right from the start.

Safe Sleep Education
We offer comprehensive materials and sessions for new parents and hospital staff, emphasizing the importance of safe sleep to prevent SIDS.
SIDS Awareness Month
Each October, we collaborate with our hospital partners to raise awareness about SIDS within their communities, hosting events and educational campaigns.
of Hospital Partners

Join our Network

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Enhance the level of care and education provided to new families by incorporating our resources and training into your maternal and child health programs.

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Supporting Employees and Their Newborns

Our business partners are integral to broadening the support network for new parents within the workforce. By providing the Owlet Dream Sock and other essentials, we help businesses offer a tangible form of support to employees experiencing the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Parent Support Program
Incorporating our resources into the lives of new parents, businesses can play a direct role in promoting infant safety and parent peace of mind.
Community Engagement
Through these partnerships, businesses demonstrate a commitment to their employees' families and the broader community, enhancing their corporate social responsibility efforts.
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Join our Network

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Become a business ally by integrating our support services into your employee benefits, showcasing a commitment to the well-being of your team's families.

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Childcare Partners

Ensuring Safety Beyond the Home



Partnering with childcare facilities, we aim to extend the safety net for infants in daycares and in-home childcare settings. Our goal is to equip these environments with the Owlet Dream Sock, offering caregivers an additional tool to monitor infants' well-being.

Training and Resources
We provide training sessions and educational materials to childcare providers, emphasizing the role of technology in supporting safe sleep practices.
Community-wide Safety Net
These partnerships create a community-wide safety net, ensuring that infants are monitored for well-being not only at home but also in childcare settings.
of Childcare Partners

Join our Network

Sheila Koss Daycare, Madison, NE

Kristin Spiering Childcare, Norfolk, NE

Little Loves, Orchard, NE

O'Neill Public School Sixpence, O'Neill, NE

Brenna's Lil' Buds, Bazile Mills, NE

Tigers & Friends Childcare LLC, Osmond, NE

Gayleen's In Home 1 Childcare, Bloomfield, NE

Jessie’s Daycare, Creighton, NE

Ashely Moeller’s In Home Daycare, Vermillion, SD

Kylie's Daycare, Laurel, NE

Little Bees Daycare, Bloomfield, NE

Grandma's Kid Care-Bette Gardner, Osmond, NE

Janel's Daycare-Bloomfield, NE

Stephenie's Little Bloom, Bloomfield, NE

Collaborate with us to bring advanced monitoring technology and safe sleep education into your childcare setting, ensuring the youngest members of our community are safe and sound.

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Getting Involved

Whether you represent a hospital, a business, or a childcare facility, your partnership can make a substantial difference in the lives of families and infants. By joining forces with Briggs & Barrett Project, you contribute to a safer, more supportive community for all.

If you have questions or want to learn more about getting involved as a Program Partner, contact us. Let's explore how we can work together to achieve our shared goals of infant safety, family support, and SIDS awareness.

Together, we can create a legacy of care and protection for the next generation.

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