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Barrett R. Uecker

SEPT. 20, 2017 - DEC. 15, 2017


​Barrett R. Uecker - Son of Allison & Brad Uecker of Norfolk, NE
Brother to Beckett, Boden, Branson, & Bostin

Our sweet 3 month old boy whose smile could light up the darkest room. He had an incredible bond with his big brother and knew nothing but LOVE.

It was a Friday. December 15th, 2017 to be exact. I was getting the boys up for the day after I had gotten ready for work. Barrett was laying wide awake in his crib just looking around. When our eyes met his face lit up and he had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. We went through our normal morning routine and I dropped the boys off at daycare. It was a typical Friday at work finishing up paperwork from the week and preparing for the next (I’m a nurse in an orthopedic clinic).

About 10:45 my cellphone started ringing. It was a number I didn’t recognize and I decided to answer it because I knew my husband was hunting. It was daycare on the phone. Barrett stopped breathing. In that moment my whole world stopped. My heart sunk to my toes. I practically ran down the stairs to the Emergency room while calling my husband repeatedly because he wasn’t answering. My mind racing a million miles an hour. Thinking how he was scheduled to be baptized that Sunday. 

barrett uecker

After I finally got a hold of my husband, he met me in the Emergency room right as the ambulance with our baby in the back was pulling in. The Emergency room doctors and nurses worked on him for a time that felt like eternity. We got a hold of our pastor to come baptize Barrett. Then the doctor came in to us. It was decision time. In that moment, our hearts were shattered. I walked to my baby looked him in the face and did the hardest thing that no parent should have to do. I laid my hands over the nurses' hands to make her stop the compressions. She laid her hands over top of mine. I sobbed. I placed my shaking hand over his head. He was so cold. But in that tragic moment there was peace. He looked so happy and peaceful. He is now dancing with the angels with the most beautiful wings.

SIDS. Sudden infant death syndrome. Sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently well baby. SIDS can occur when a baby is asleep or, occasionally, while they are awake. Barrett is the rare occasion case in which he was awake. He was laughing and playing one second and the next he was gone.

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