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Briggs & Barrett Project

Our story, mission, and the people behind Briggs & Barrett Project are at the heart of everything we do. From our co-founders' personal journeys to our dedicated team and valued business partners, each plays a vital role in our quest to raise SIDS awareness and support families in need.

Our Co-Founders


Our Leadership and Heart
Melissa West
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Co-Founder, Briggs's Mom, and Publisher of “When Baby Sleeps,” is not only a pillar of our organization but also a beacon of hope for families affected by SIDS & SUID. As the 2019 Norfolk Area Person of the Year, Melissa's advocacy and leadership continue to inspire and drive our mission forward.

Allison Uecker
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Co-Founder and Barrett's Mom, shares her personal loss to connect with and support other families facing similar tragedies. Allison's strength and dedication fuel our collective effort to prevent future losses to SIDS.

diverse professionals

about board members
about program coordinators and specialists
about business partners

Board Members

Dedicated individuals who bring diverse expertise and a shared commitment to our cause.

Coordinators & Specialists

Passionate professionals dedicated to our programs and outreach.

Business Partners

Devoted partners who play a crucial role in enhancing our resources.

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